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Disposable Wooden Spoons

Biodegradable biodegradable Compostable compostable 100% Natural
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  • wooden spoon 6.5 inch
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    Wooden Spoons

    6.5 inch wooden spoons in 1000-pack bulk packaging
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  • wooden spoon 4.25 inch
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    Small Wooden Spoons

    4.25 inch wooden spoons in 1000-pack Buy Now
  • wooden spoon 3.75 inch
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    Wooden Taster Spoons

    3.75 inch wooden taster spoons in 1000-pack Buy Now
  • wooden cutlery in paper pack

    Wooden Cutlery in Paper Packs

    6.5 inch fork, knife, and spoon set Buy Now
  • wooden spoons in 25-pack box
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    Wooden Spoons

    6.5 inch wooden spoons in 25-pack box Buy Now
  • mixed disposable spoons and wooden cutlery
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    Wooden Cutlery in Retail Packs

    6.5 inch mixed wooden cutlery in 24-piece box (8 sets) Buy Now

Disposable Wooden Spoons

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The natural beauty and strength of birch wood make for stylish, yet functional, disposable wooden spoons. So whether you are planning an office party, an outdoor event, a dinner party, or for daily use in your office, restaurant or for food sampling, our biodegradable and compostable wooden spoons are the perfect utensil for your needs. And since birch is a hardwood, the edges are even smoother than other wooden cutlery on the market, which makes them completely safe for children to use. No toxins, no chemicals, just high-quality disposable tableware… made from natural and renewable resources.

We all need to be aware of the impact our choices have on the planet.  You’ll be happy to know that the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) recognizes and certifies that the methods of harvesting and re-planting are being managed sustainably. So let each one of us do our part by supporting the sustainable use of renewable resources and by choosing FSC-certified products. Going green has never been easier…

Our current line of 6 ½ inch, 4 ½ inch, and 3 ¾ inch disposable wooden spoons are all available in bulk packaging as well as 6 ½ inch wooden spoons in brown paper canisters. We also offer disposable wooden spoons with customized logos, customized packaging, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  If you have any questions about Eco-gecko compostable and disposable wooden spoons and their packaging options, please start by contacting our helpful staff now.