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Disposable Wooden Serveware

Biodegradable biodegradable Compostable compostable 100% Natural
wooden coffee stirrers
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Wooden Coffee Stirrers

7 inch wooden coffee stirrers in 10 x 1000 bulk pack
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wooden boat serveware
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Wooden Boats in Bulk Packaging

9 inch x 5 inch wooden boats (10x100pcs)

7 inch x 4 inch wooden boats (10x100pcs)

5 inch x 3 inch wooden boats (10x100pcs)

4 inch x 2 inch wooden boats (10x100pcs)


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wooden boat serveware
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Wooden Disposables

Aside from FSC®-certified wooden cutlery, Eco-gecko products also include FSC-certified wooden coffee stirrers and FSC-certified wooden boat shaped serveware.  When you choose fully compostable and biodegradable wooden serveware, you will be making an environmentally smart decision that doesn’t sacrifice style or function. 

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Wooden coffee stirrers by Eco-gecko are made of birch wood and do not have any chemicals added to the surface.  Because our disposable wooden coffee stirrers are composed of completely organic material, you can compost them conveniently in your own home composter or you can also drop them off at a commercial composting facility. So why not do your part and support the use of renewable resources by choosing FSC certified products? Going green has never been easier…

The latest addition to our line of natural products, Eco-gecko disposable wooden serveware in the shape of a boat is made from pine wood. And like all of our natural tableware products, these FSC-certified wooden boats are also completely biodegradable and compostable.  So if you are looking for an all-natural way to serve side dishes that will leave a lasting impression without lasting in a landfill for years to come, look no further. We are sure that these will float your boat… 

If you have any questions about Eco-gecko biodegradable and compostable wooden coffee stirrers or disposable wooden serveware, you can get more information by contacting our helpful staff now.